Service Catalog

Categories (7)

Administrative Applications and Reporting

Technology services supporting the administrative and business functions of Erie Community College. Includes student information systems (Workday and Colleague), application and data integration, and reporting.

Communication, Collaboration, and Events

Communication and collaboration services which include telephone, email, online meetings, and in-person and online events.

Computer, Software, and Printing

Services for the ordering, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of computers, computer accessories, software, and printers.

Network and Infrastructure

Enterprise-level hardware, software, and systems that provide underlying infrastructure support for institutional activities.

Teaching and Learning

Services that support instructional technology, tools, and resources directly supporting teaching and learning. Includes learning management systems, classroom technology, training, and other academic tools for faculty and students.

User Accounts, Security, and Access Management

Information security and threat protection services including user identity management, and device management, account creation and updates, multi-factor authentication and door swipe access.

Help Me Submit a Ticket!

Listing of services that you can request or report an issue.